To submit a question to the guardians of your Akashic Records through this channel, please use the contact form below. Guidelines:

  • Ask an open question about something that matters to you personally. Experience shows that information that is most helpful is invited in by a question such as: “Please offer your insights regarding (subject)”. Do not ask a yes/no question and do not start your questions with “When…”. An Akashic consultation works best with where you are here and now. This is not a divination tool.
  • State your everyday name and your full legal name, such as listed on your drivers license or passport, as well as an indication of your location. This is to make sure that the correct records are being opened.
  • Include the following statement: “I herewith give permission to Johanna of to consult my Akashic Records on my behalf.”
  • Indicate which type of reading you want:
    • a distant reading sent through email
    • an online live reading of max. 1 hour

After your question has been received we will schedule a time that suits us both. There is no charge. If you feel that the reading was helpful you are welcome to donate an amount that feels fair to you. donation

Thank you for contacting me.

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