All Lives Matter

The BLM movement

All lives matter equally. Why do all lives matter? Because each life is an expression of the creative life force. Each life is a portal for its pure positive and beneficial energy to stream through. It will express in the world and meet itself there.

Sometimes you may feel that you cannot express as freely as you would like to. You then tend to see and focus on shortcomings in the images you see in the world. And you tend to act against the shortcomings coming from the discomfort you feel about them.

A Disturbing Image

As we have seen, the images you see in the world are reflections of the content of your mind. When you feel that an image is disturbing, it is a sign that you have instructed your inner being, on the basis of your experience so far, to move to a new place, a place of higher understanding. The fact that something is starting to disturb you, has a reason. It means that your inner being is calling you—you, the worldly, every-day you—to join it at that new vantage point.

Your discomfort is not caused by the image outside of you. It is caused by the inner discrepancy that is the result of not keeping up with your own inner growth in word and deed. The image is a reflection of inner mind content. The discomfort you feel about is the result of an inner gap between a new understanding on the one hand and not acting on that new understanding on the other.

It may be clear that trying to adjust an image on the level of the canvas of the world—which is by nature an effect, a result—is not going to help in any way. As long as the inner gap remains in place, there will always be an image out there that seems to be in dire need of improvement. The advice “resist not evil” (Matt.5:39) is about this mistake in focus. When the focus is on effects, you end up in a loop pattern. A loop patters offers you a justification for your actions, thus reinforcing those very effects.

Undoing the Loop Pattern

In order to undo the hold of the loop you would need to step back and get in touch with your highest understanding of, in this case, human (or rather life’s) dignity, forbearance, inclusiveness, peace, freedom, and so on. Choose a creative quality that you feel your inner being is on a “higher” level on compared to the attitude of your daily-life self.

It makes no sense to speak of right and wrong in a troubling image on the level of the problem itself. As soon as the image has become disturbing and is perceived as a problem, it means that inner work is needed. It is needed to lift your engagement with the world around you onto the level of your highest inner understanding.

Peel back the layers of the onion. Withdraw for a while from the clamor of the world and let go of your habitual response patterns. Simply let them be for a moment and do not get involved emotionally. Ask yourself what the truth is regarding this issue according to your highest understanding and immerse yourself in that. We are not talking about concrete circumstances, but about abstract creative qualities that you align with anew inside. Now, live from that new premise. Let that newly discovered bright light be your guide. Allow it to embrace as much of your environment as it will. Follow its guidance, and observe where sparks happen.

A Shift Will Happen

Soon enough old, painful patterns of thought and behavior will dissolve. Perhaps not all at once, but the images in the world are sure to shift because of your new mind content. And this shift will happen. Not because of your pushing against circumstances, but because you have inwardly accessed a deeper layer of truth and embraced it.

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