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I’d like to share with you the transcript of my Akasha-session of this morning.

(My preparation in bold. My spontaneous response during the reception in italics. Akasha in regular font.)

Good morning. How shall we get started?

Good morning. No matter what, each new morning is a new morning, and poses a new opportunity to align with your inner being. Why would you want to align with your inner being? Because your inner being is your true identity and because your inner being knows. Obviously, while focused in this temporal, spacial environment, your focus will be on all kinds of stuff around you. But they are not who you are. See the difference?

Yes, I do.

The sweeping measures being taken in many countries all over the world to contain the spread of the corona virus have been on my mind. I was wondering how to deal with the fear or panic that many people seem to be feeling. Sometimes I can sort of feel anxiety starting to beset me and I quickly change the direction of my focus. Then just before starting this session I read the following sentence from a previous session:

Always check within. Fresh, new, appropriate and fitting guidance is always on its way.

That is what will help resolve anxiety, isn’t it?

Absolutely. But continue.

Please expand on the spreading virus, the way the sweeping measures are affecting everybody’s life, and how to be calm, centered and unnerved by it all, but most of all: how to keep the vision of perfection. I’m not looking for a band-aid, I’d like to embrace a view as complete and as total as possible, if that would be helpful at this time.

If you feel it would be helpful at this time to get the broad view, the broad view you will have.

The Broad View

None of it is true. None of it is true in the sense that any of it could ever impinge on your true nature and well-being or that of anybody else, not even remotely.

You are like a group of actors engaged in a play that has a stalker on the stage and so the bunch of them hide behind the couch, in full view of the audience, in order to be “safe”. None of the actors, including the stalker, is who they are playing to be. In other words, their true nature has nothing to do with the role they have temporarily taken on while on the stage. However, should any of them forget their true nature and become identified with and attached to the role they are playing, their limited outlook is gloomy indeed. Until the final curtain draws and all of them appear again together to take a bow.

You Decide What to Focus On

None of it is true in the real sense. However, all of the images are true in the sense that their quality reflects the quality of the content of the collective mind. It is up to each individual to decide what quality they want to engage in, what quality they feel drawn to. Put differently, there are three possibilities: What in the images do you find inspiring, what do you find disturbing, and what does not move you one way or the other? There are examples out there for each category. After all, you are in the driver seat, it is up to you to decide what to focus on, knowing that what you focus on increases and enlarges in your experience and in the experience of those you are in contact with.

Grateful, Appreciative, Happy

Another pointer that may help to keep the vision of perfection alive and active is to ask yourself: What am I grateful for, what do I appreciate, what makes me happy to engage in?

There are no shoulds in any of this. In other words, you are not required to moan with the moaners.

So how do I stay grateful, appreciative and happy with my eye on perfection and joy in the presence of moaning and fear mongering?

Follow inner guidance, for you don’t have to know in advance, even if you could. If you knew in advance you would be totally rigid when the moment arrived. Therefore, be happy that you will be told on the spot. And what will come through you is for the benefit of all involved. The clearer the channel the purer the reception. The purer the reception, the more wholesome and joyful the experience for all.

Thank you.

True Nature, Focus, Inner Guidance

In summary, the broad view on the global corona episode is: You are perfectly fine, decide for yourself what you want to focus on, and rely on inner guidance in order to know what to do and say. Is that about right?

True nature: perfect, pure, peaceful, free, loving and joyful.

Focus: You are a co-creator, meaning, it matters what you focus on and the choice is yours.

Inner guidance: your compass – receive it and act on it.

Thank you.

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