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You have explained that the images we see on the canvas of the world are an effect. They are there to offer feedback about the quality of the content of our mind. Regarding the coronavirus pandemic I keep falling into the trap of taking the images I see in the news at face value. Please help me with that.

Taking the images you see in the news at face value and on that basis lamenting this or that situation indicates a sustained focus on the projection of a misunderstanding.

What is the misunderstanding?

That you feel that some people are not totally and utterly okay, perfect and cared for, and that this fact requires an action by people you feel are more okay, perfect and cared for. It is a weighing and comparing of projected images. The disturbance is a discrepancy between images you are keeping active in your mind.

You Are the Light

Be a light unto yourself and unto those you come into contact with on a daily basis. Be a light. Above all, follow inner guidance whenever you are not sure what to say or do. Inner guidance is always being sent to you. You can hear it the better when you are aligned, both inwardly and outwardly, with creation’s life giving qualities. There is nothing that peace cannot accomplish, there is nothing that freedom cannot reach, or joy make lighter. It starts with you, you are in the driver seat.

ACIM lesson 63 reads: “The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness”. That says it all.

Images You See In the World

The images that are playing out on the canvas of the world are the result of the combined active mental content of all of humankind. The quality of the images you see matches the quality of the content of your mind. The images themselves are unsubstantial; they are like ethereal veils that obscure reality from your view. They are only true in the sense that they truly represent the mental content that has given rise to them. Now, there are three ways in which this plays out in an individual’s experience.

Your Experience

First, when the mind is free of erroneous thinking and free of any kind of misunderstanding about the nature of reality, every image is received in purity. Every expression being a pure extension of perfection, brings joy.

Second, when an image in the world – whether personal, global, environmental, economical or political – represents a disturbance in an individual’s experience, it means the image is showing that person the quality of mental content that they are keeping alive and active inside: a misunderstanding about the nature of reality. The reason the disturbance is being felt at this point in time is because the mental content that gave rise to the image is now up for release.

Third, an image that to many is disturbing could mean nothing to some – it does not move them one way or the other. That means that the mental content that is projecting the image, and that forms the reason for distress in others, is not up for release in their experience at this time. Or it could be that their guidance takes them along a different path and this particular disturbance is not a part of that path.

You are the light, flowing from source into expression. The dynamic of creation is about this movement, it is about breathing spirit into matter.

You are entirely at liberty to breathe fear into matter. However, when you do, your experience will be one of fear and probably of confusion too, because the quality of fear, when entertained inside, will give rise to images in the world that will attest to that mental fearful state. The image appears in order to alert you to what you have going on inside.

How an Image is Received

In summary then, there are three ways that an image in the world is received and responded to:

One, it is received as purity and perfection in expression, which gives rise to joy.

Two, it is received as a disturbance whose purpose is to alert you: you are in the middle of a misunderstanding about the nature of reality. It is call to forgiveness, a call to setting the image free, a call to release, and to realignment with inner guidance. This is the terrain where you can apply ACIM and like principles.

Three, received as neutral, meaning that this is not for you to engage in at this time.

If the image of a pandemic translates into a disturbance in your personal experience, know that you are in the middle of a misunderstanding. You are now able to let go of that misunderstanding, or you wouldn’t have interpreted the image as a disturbance to begin with.

Does the misunderstanding you identified above apply equally to everyone who feels disturbed by the virus image?

Not necessarily. It may apply to others. Each individual has their own unique experience, therefore if the misunderstanding described does not sound right, then the image represents some different content.

Sometimes it helps to know what that content is, but it is not absolutely necessary to know. What is necessary is the understanding that the dissolution (salvation) starts within. And that understanding will lead to the acknowledgment that there is a need for release of a mental construct, and to the willingness to be shown.

Thank you.

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