Light in Expression

I was reading a past transcript that focused on dedication, faith, purity and willingness as some of the qualities that will steady the spiritual path. Please expand a bit more.

What, then, are dedication, faith, purity and willingness?

Staying aligned with what matters to you most: that is dedication. Staying aligned with knowing that the light is continually spreading: that is faith. Staying aligned with the awareness that keeping a single focus on your dedication and faith, and not allowing any other priority, promise or expectation to weaken that focus: that is purity. Staying aligned with your true nature as an emissary of light: that is willingness. Then your focus is like a laser beam that operates most optimally.

It is all about being the light, isn’t it?

The light and the word. The light seeks expression and the term the word stands for the expressed.

Logos. Please explain what you mean.

The light is the light, it was the light and will forever be the light. The light is beyond time and space. Now a development has begun where the light is becoming aware of itself, aware of what its true nature is. That true nature can be described, even though highly inadequately, as forever stable, forever outgoing, shining, warming, extending, allowing, willing, joyful, peaceful, free.

Energy Patterns

In order for the light to get to know and understand its true nature it needs something to play off of, if you will, because in order to get to know itself it needs to see, observe and engage with itself. So the very light itself moves its energy around and comes up with a new energy configuration. The image that appears when it shines on or through that pattern of energy tells it something about itself. You could say that part of the light moves into a coarser or denser energy frequency that the senses (they themselves being light frequencies arranged in a specific pattern) identify as matter in time and space, as this or that form, as this or that constellation or organization of relationships.

So here you have the ever radiating light whose rays are now reflecting back from its own imagined/created energy patterns, feeding information about its true nature back into itself.

There is nothing other than that dynamic going on. Any thought or notion that deviates from this joyous movement is a misunderstanding that results in confusion and entanglement.

Stay Aligned With Your True Nature

The one thing that keeps you aligned with and focused on the dynamic is the awareness of your true nature: light meeting itself and getting to know itself in innumerable new ways. You could compare it to a reunion of friends or family whose members haven’t seen each other for a while; so much joy and sharing going on! It is a feast of recognition and surprise.

As to logos or expression (the son), from the above explanation it may be clear that expression is part and parcel of the dynamic. The light needs expression to shine its light on and through. Expressions evolve, change, come into view and flow out of view again, and all of it happens in function of the light intensifying as it shines, extends and gets to know itself.

Be the light and look for the light. If you come upon a situation in which you cannot detect any light, it does not mean the light is not there. Rest assured that it is there, and abundantly so. It just means that through the limited sense of self you are entertaining due to mistaken identification with appearance, you obscure your reception of it. That is no reason for alarm. Just focus on those expressions in which you can see and relate to the light, and shine your light on them and through them.

You Are the Light

Allow the light to meet itself. Then gradually your scope will enlarge and start to encompass more and more. Prolonged focus on the seeming absence of light serves no purpose and inevitably leads to confusion and ultimately to despair. For you are the light and your innate drive is to shine it and allow the light to meet up with light wherever and whenever possible. No forcing is necessary; it will evolve.

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