What is Happiness?

Happiness is a byproduct, it is an effect. It will naturally occur when the right conditions are in place. Just like a flag will wave when the wind is blowing. The waving is the byproduct of the wind, it is the effect that the wind has on the flag.

So how do I make the wind blow?

You don’t make the wind blow. The wind is already blowing. However, you have built walls and obstacles around yourself that keep you from experiencing the blowing of the wind. You need do nothing in order for the wind to blow, and you need nothing other than the blowing of the wind. It follows that you would need to release the thing you have put up that is blocking the experience.

How do I do that?

By understanding that the wind is blowing, which is another way of saying that source is continually extending and expanding its creative qualities into the 3D realm and it is doing so through countless channels, one channel being the physical organism that you call your body. You wouldn’t be present here and now if that wasn’t the case.

When you understand that creation is happening in you, through you and around you, and that you are part and parcel of that glorious happening, and you understand that the feelings of unease, frustration, sadness and despair are signs of a personal, internal block, most of the work is already accomplished. For as soon as you truly understand that, you are able to consciously let go of attachment to each and every circumstance that you think you are part of. You are able to let go of each and every emotion that those circumstances seem to evoke in you. None of these circumstances and none of these emotions are what you are about. They are the monkey mind playing in the muck. You are creation in the process of happening, you are the outgoing movement of all that is good and lovely and wholesome.

You need do nothing in order for the wind to blow for it is already blowing. And the wind is all you need.

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