What am I?

Thoughts on “What am I?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What am I?” in the workbook)

You are source as it bounds forward into expression. You are the stream of creative qualities that flows into 3D. You are source in unity as well as creation in diversity.

Any limitation on your sense of self creates confusion. And confusion is what many experience.

Source bounds forward into 3D expression in order to experience itself in ever new ways. For that purpose source streams its energy streams through various channels – as many channels as there are expressions. One such expression is the human body. Like all expressions it is intrinsically linked to and one with source, and when the form has served its purpose of offering experience it will fall away and new forms will appear for source to stream through. You are all of this process, not just one isolated part of it.

Because of the thrill of being in this process and experiencing the newness in ever changing form, some energy streams – namely the ones that stream through the human form – have focused so ardently in matter that they have attached to a certain form by identifying with it, rather than with the entire process.

That explains the sense of self that most people are familiar with. The body and its circumstances have become their sense of self – a notion so very different and so very much removed from their true nature.

Identification with temporary form is intrinsically frightening. Few will ask the question where or who they will be when the form passes away, and when they do dwell on the matter they may defer to a godhead that has their best interest at heart. They completely overlook the fact that the cause of their fear, unease and confusion lies in their limited concept of self, and that the answer is to be found in the creative stream that wells up within as well as in creation all around.

What am I? This is a question that only has one answer: I am source in the process of becoming. As long as that answer is not known and lived by the part of the energy stream that flows through a human body, that energy stream will go through an evolution of all kinds of self-concepts that will eventually arrive at the one truth about the true nature of all of creation.

This concludes the series of thoughts on the fourteen introductory subjects included in part 2 of the ACIM Workbook. This series will continue with other questions about aspects of life, the first of which “What is Life?” you can find here.

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