What is Creation?

Thoughts on “What is Creation?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is Creation?” in the workbook)

Creation is love in expression.

In creation the wholeness that is source shows itself to itself in varied appearance. Source is the cause and creation is the effect. All that source is, creation is and expresses, and all that creation is, source receives as its own. There is no split in continuity, consistency or quality. People are used to identifying the various facets of love in expression, such as forbearance, peace, joy, rest, freedom, beauty, harmony, light, compassion, and so forth. The multifaceted realm of expressions (creation) is part of the one unified whole, for it is its expression.

Creation allows source to get to know itself in ever new ways by the interaction between the various expressions. The human being is one such expression of source; a human being is love in expression. You can only understand who you are when you look with the eyes of love, for that is what you are and what all of creation is. Using any lens of a different character through which to view yourself and your surroundings will result in confusion and unhappiness. For creation is love in expression.

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