What is the Second Coming?

Thoughts on “What is the Second Coming?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is the Second Coming” in the workbook)

The second coming is a phrase used to describe the restoration to your awareness of your true identity and that of all of creation.

With your awareness completely restored the mind is freed from having to project images onto reality in order to show you your wayward focus, and it, the mind, can now dedicate itself solely to moving and building with the creative current that emanates from source. The expression has now become a co-creator with source in full awareness, which was the whole idea to begin with.

How does “the Second Coming” relate to time and to the timing for all those who make up humanity?

The concepts of unity, perfection and the omnipresence of heaven cannot be explained in terms of linear time nor in terms of here-there-space. That means that one person’s experience of the second coming is humanity’s experience of the second coming.

Perhaps it is easier to think of it in terms of intensifying awareness. Source moves into newness, ever expressing, extending and expanding, and in doing so awareness intensifies. The expressing that happens is part and parcel of that dynamic. The mistaken attachment of a sense of self to a given temporary appearance in no way diminishes it. In fact, when the mistaken identification is released awareness of the all intensifies. The blueprint of this intensifying is part of the expressive format. Each incremental growth in awareness is of the all and for the all, belonging to and affecting all.

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