What is the Last Judgment?

Thoughts on “What is the Last Judgment?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is the Second Coming” in the workbook)

A judgment is an opinion, assessment or conclusion that could be this or that. However, there is only one truth in extension. What use is a judgment when all is true and wholesome, lovely and good?

The idea of judgment is born within the context of identification with form. The term “last judgment”, especially with its Biblical overtones, has an aura of impending doom. All of that is hogwash.

The last time you will judge is the last judgment, and the sooner you get to that point the merrier you will be. For you are Truth in extension and expansion, lovely, joyful, peaceful and free. Passing judgment keeps you locked into mistaken identification. You are far better off by looking for the Light in everything and everyone and by focusing on that.

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