What is the Body?

Thoughts on “What is the Body?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is the Body” in the workbook)

The body was made by the ego thought system to demonstrate that Creation is not One but many and that the many consists of many parts that are separated from each other. When you are aligned with this thought system, the body becomes your proof that you are separate and isolated. However, when you align with Love, by offering up your experience to inner guidance, the body becomes a means to and end: inner guidance will use it to bring you and everyone home.

How you experience the body is entirely up to you. How you experience the body is determined by how you focus your mind, and that, in turn, depends on what you think the body is for.

You can experience the body as it reflects to you the thoughts the ego mind has projected onto it. These thoughts have you believe that you are a temporary physical appearance and they perpetuate the confusion about the body’s purpose and destiny.

Or you can experience the body as a means at the disposal of Love to communicate Its glory to all you touch. Then it will move with the life-giving current of Creation, extending and expanding in perfection. You are not your body. You are part of eternal Source and the temporary body is enabling you to experience Source’s core qualities Love and Light when you allow It to flow through your presence in the here and now.

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