What is the Body?

Thoughts on “What is the Body?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is the Body” in the workbook)

Like all the other appearances that make up creation, the body is an expression of source in the process of continually extending creative qualities. And just like all other appearances in 3D, the body is “the temple of the living God”: each expression is a portal for source to stream into 3D. Each expression presents you with an opportunity to recognize the light in it and link up with it, thereby increasing the light all around. The invitation to do so is ongoing; when one appearance dissolves other appearances will have taken over.

You are not a body. You are part of source and as such you are experiencing source in its expressive dynamic in addition to temporarily experiencing creation from within creation, namely through the senses of a physical live mechanism. You are not the body. You, as part of source, use a body to explore and get to know self in new ways. In this exploration you are being helped by the mind, as the mind builds with what it is given.

The images you see in the world are the result of the activity of the mind. The mind either extends creative impulse that moves in harmony with creation, extending and expanding it, or it projects stray thought, which then obscures the harmony and perfection that is creation.

How you experience the body is entirely up to you. How you experience the body is determined by how you focus your mind, and that, in turn, depends on what you think the body is for.

You can experience the body as it reflects to you the stray thoughts the monkey mind has projected onto it. These stray thoughts have you believe that you are a temporary physical appearance and they perpetuate the confusion about the body’s purpose and destiny.

Or you can experience the body as it moves with the life-giving current of creation, extending and expanding in perfection, when you understand and know that you are eternal source and the temporary body is enabling you to experience source’s core qualities by linking up with them all around you.

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