What is Sin?

Thoughts on “What is Sin?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is Sin” in the workbook)

Sin does not exist. It is just the label you allow the monkey mind to stick on situations when you have allowed your mind to dwell on its thoughts. These thoughts project images onto creation that cause you to feel negative emotion. The only truthful aspect of these images is the fact that they reflect the quality of what you hold within. As soon as you refocus your mind and align with the creative qualities that imbue creation, the images you see will change and reflect that new focus. By allowing the monkey mind to keep on focusing on the label of sin you hold yourself captive to the loop you have unwittingly established.

Sin is non-existent. It is a delusion of the loop-to-loop pattern of the world of images projected by the stray thoughts of the monkey mind.

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