What is Salvation?

Thoughts on “What is Salvation?” in the ACIM Workbook

(Full text of “What is Salvation” in the workbook)

Salvation is the liberation from the self-repeating loops of the ego thought system. Salvation is the freedom that naturally opens up when images you see in the world are set free.

When a circumstance engenders negative emotion, it is a signal that you are caught in a loop. Your focus has strayed from the perfection of Creation and from your true nature as part of that perfection. You have allowed your focus to lock in on form, constellation or custom and by sustained focus you have become identified with it. Since all form is determined by time and space it is limited and subject to change. Due to your mistaken sense of self, this fact is now causing you to feel unease and anxiety. These the mind projects onto the face of reality. You see the grounds for this unease in the images you see in the world that speak of unease and anxiety, rather than in your mistaken sense of self and the unease in you that is causing the images to appear in the first place.

Salvation is the liberation from this ongoing self-delusion. Salvation happens by itself when you let go of your take on a given circumstance or occurrence. The slightest doubt about the correctness of your perception allows a ray of light to shine onto the situation. That ray of light points the way out of the looped pattern and toward the rediscovery of the creative stream as it flows all about you and through you. And it reassures you that you are indeed part of that creative stream and share in its true nature.

In short, salvation is the freedom from looped patterns and naturally follows forgiveness.

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