ACIM Workbook lesson 357

Truth answers every call we make to God, responding first with miracles, and then returning unto us to be itself.”

The truth is the way Creation happens, it is a creative dynamic. It cannot be confined to a definition that holds in a given moment in time or place in space. Truth is in expression wherever Creation is in expression, which is everywhere, always.

The reason for experiencing the negative impact of a given image in the world is a misunderstanding regarding the true nature of self as part of Creation. It follows then that when that misunderstanding clears, and with it the disturbing image, Truth again illuminates experience.

A call made to God is a plea for help. A plea for help can only be genuine when there is doubt about the present understanding. That smidgen of doubt is enough for the veil of misunderstanding to lift somewhat, allowing a ray of Light to shine that reveals the Truth of Creation, if only for just a little and if only for just an instant. And in that moment in time and space when the Light is let in, the correction occurs in the mind that before was beset by misconception. The mind is freed from having to project a distorting image onto the world and, with full awareness, it can resume its task of extending creative impulse in harmony with the current of Creation.

A call made to God allows a miracle to occur which restores a mistaken mindset to Truth.

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