ACIM Workbook lesson 350

Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love. To offer them is to remember Him, and through His memory to save the world.”

A miracle is the correction of a misunderstanding regarding your true identity. The mistaken thought that you could ever be limited and defined by time and space makes room for a thought that is in harmony with the vibrant current of Creation.

Quoting from today’s lesson:

What he [the Son] is, is unaffected by his thoughts. But what he looks upon is their direct result. (W-pII.350.1:4-5)

These lines illustrate the dynamic that accompanies the thoughts you allow your mind to dwell on: they extend or project their quality onto the face of reality in an image that you can then see and experience. The thoughts that are in harmony with Source and Creation move with Source and Creation and extend it. The thoughts of the ego mind project their constricting quality as a veil across reality, resulting in distorted images that your physical senses were made to pick up and bring back to you.

The change of mind that takes you from projecting to extending is what the Course calls a miracle.

Full text of ACIM lesson 350

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