ACIM Workbook lesson 338

I am affected only by my thoughts.”

We have talked about the mechanics of the mind. The interface called the mind, when given a thought, translates that thought into an image in 3D. Cayce called the mind the builder and said that thoughts are things. The mind builds things with the thoughts you provide it with. What thoughts will you offer to it? The quality of the thoughts you allow your mind to munch on decides the quality of your life experience in 3D.

When you fail to decide on any thought, the mind will pick up the thoughts of the monkey mind that happen to swirl by and you will be at the mercy of the projections that they cause. When you focus your mind on the good and the lovely, then that is what the mind will extend. You will benefit twofold: your inner space is joyful and at peace and the images you see in the world speak of joy and peace as well.

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