ACIM Workbook lesson 315

All gifts my brothers give belong to me.”

Today’s lesson is about the gifts you are blessed with throughout the day. How could it be otherwise? How could source that is all loving and joyful, express its true nature and not experience meeting itself-in-expression as a gift, a surprise, a celebration?

When you understand and feel that all of creation is source meeting source-in-expression – light connecting with light – then all that is happening around you is gift upon gift upon gift. You do not even have to be the recipient to get the gift. The giraffe reaching for the leaves high up in the tree is light meeting light – a gift. The first spring rains filling up the riverbeds is light meeting light – a gift. The smile on a child’s face when she gets to lick cake batter off a mixer hook is light meeting light – a gift. See the gift, the surprise, the celebration in everything. There is no end to it, thank heaven.

Full text of ACIM lesson 315

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