ACIM Workbook lesson 309

I will not fear to look within today.”

This means that you trust that when you look within, you will find your true nature there. It means that you trust that your true nature still is the way it was in the beginning: lovely, pure, wholesome, peaceful, free, and so forth. Any lesser features are foreign to your true nature.

You may have entertained anger, judgment, grievances, frustration – but they have not affected your true nature. They have only been filters through which you viewed reality. The distortions these filters have conjured up in the images you see in the world have made you assume that they were true. It is true that they were active in your mind; that is why you saw them reflected in images you thought you saw in the world. But they themselves are not true, in the sense that they could somehow become a part of who you are eternally. They are not and they cannot. They are a misunderstanding.

Instead of focusing on them within or without, you are far better off by redirecting your focus on everything good and lovely that presents itself to you, both within and in the world around you. Through the sustained focus of your attention on them, they will enlarge in your experience, both inner and outer.

Source’s core qualities determine Source’s focus and will. And so it is that you, Source-in-extension, through sustained focus find your way back home.

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