ACIM Workbook lesson 308

This instant is the only time there is.”

What does this statement imply? It implies that linear time as you know it is a construct and not a fact. An experience is a fact, but only in the happening of it. That is what you call the present moment, or this instant. The fact of experiencing allows for an ever deepening awareness of reality.

Why is this an interesting or worthwhile realization? It is worthwhile because it reminds you of the grace that is the idea of linear time. Time allows you to chew on bits of unity one bite at a time.

It is like reading a novel. All the various aspects of the central theme are being pondered and analyzed one after the other. While reading the story you get to process one bit at a time. Once you have finished the story you can look back and consider the novel as a whole.

As your understanding of life grows you are able to understand and embrace more and more of life until the day in linear time arrives when an understanding of the whole of it dawns on you. Then you will know that linear time served you well for as long as it was needed.

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