ACIM Workbook lesson 299

Eternal holiness abides in me.”

Let’s look closely at today’s statement. Eternal means beyond time as measured in worldly terms. Time is useful for it allows you to experience one thing after another, instead of having to process everything at once. Eternity has to do with an awareness where sequencing is no longer an issue and linear time is no longer part of your awareness.

Holiness indicates purity and wholeness. Abides means rests, is present. And lastly, in me indicates the here and the now, where you are currently focused. Taken all together we get:

Where I am currently focused I have access, through my inner being, to purity and wholeness uninterruptedly.

This guaranteed access is your ticket to training your focus on everything lovely, joyful, peaceful and free. It is your ticket to aligning your will in order to harmonize with the stream of the creative force on its way into multifaceted expression.

Full text of ACIM Workbook 299

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