ACIM Workbook lesson 294

My body is a wholly neutral thing.”

Your body is a neutral thing. Unfortunately, the body is not usually viewed as such. It has become invested with a misplaced sense of identity. Through that investment it has become more to you than a physical shell.

Think of flowers in nature. The creative idea of beauty and abundance show in flowers of all kinds, in their colors and shapes. Flowers do not die even though they may disappear for a while. The creative idea of beauty and abundance is vibrantly alive and shows itself in ever changing garment season upon season upon season.

The human body is like a flower. It is a physical form that can be dedicated to Spirit. You are not the body, you are creative thought – vibrantly alive. The body is a neutral thing, and as such can be used very effectively.

Trouble arises when identification happens, for identification pulls you away from creative thought down into the square millimeter of form, and your spirit cannot soar.

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