ACIM Workbook lesson 289

The past is over. It can touch me not.”

The wind has blown away the past. Why would you want to cage it? It makes no sense.

You would not hold it against a toddler forever that she is upset and sulking. You know that sulking is part of growing up. You know what her true nature is and you hold that image in front of you and her, as a beacon for you both. And soon enough the sulking stage will belong to the past, blown away by the wind. But when you hold on to the sulking image, you will not be able to see how your child has moved beyond that stage into her glorious present day now.

And so it is with people and with circumstances. The sun rises each new day, reflecting the fresh new start each new moment brings to your experience, brimming with Joy, Peace and Love.

Full text of ACIM lesson 289

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