ACIM Workbook lesson 262

Let me perceive no differences today.”

Today’s lesson closes by saying:

We would come home, and rest in unity. For there is peace, and nowhere else can peace be sought and found. (W-pII.262.2:2,3)

Home is where Love is. Home is where Joy is and Beauty. Home is a state of mind where Freedom, Peace and Abundance reign. Home is where singleness of purpose unites all.

The divisions you thought you saw before, you now recognize as variations on the glorious theme of Creation’s ever expanding extension into multifaceted expression.

Focus on distinctions and divisions, and you will believe the world duality and opposition is your home. Focus on the underlying unity of all extensions and the real world becomes your home. You have access to this home through the focus of your mind.

Full text of ACIM lesson 262

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