ACIM Workbook lesson 259

Let me remember that there is no sin.”

Sin stands for missing the mark. It is a product of an imagination run wild. After all, Creation is good, lovely, peaceful, free, exuberant, charitable, abundant, perfect. How can something that holds only goodness and benevolence miss a mark? It is impossible.

What is possible, however, is to focus away from that dynamic and imagine that someone is not performing as they should, or that some situation is not developing as it should. That manner of thinking is what “sin lies at the door” means. There is no devil or evil power lying ready to invade your space. There is only the untrained mind. When your focus is allowed to wander, images appear across the face of Creation that reflect that non-creative thinking going on inside.

There is no sin. There is only an image that calls you to turn within and find the Truth that makes you free.

Full text of ACIM lesson 259

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