ACIM Workbook lesson 254

Let every voice but God’s be still in me.”

How can you tell if the voice you hear inside is God speaking to you? How can you tell if the thoughts and ideas that well up seemingly out of nowhere are God’s thoughts and ideas? You can tell by the way they make you feel. God’s inspirations make you feel light and joyful.

Usually people are too busy pursuing their ideas to bother about how they feel about them. And off they will go down a rabbit hole, or off on a tangent. Rabbit holes and tangents are fine as long as they make you feel light, airy and happy. The tiniest whiff of discomfort or stress is a sign you have somehow engaged in a loop of the ego mind. Take a break and refocus. Nothing has gone wrong, everything is as it should be. You have just become a little more acutely aware of your inner guidance system. Follow the happy trail. Happy leads to happy for both you yourself and all those you touch.

Full text of ACIM lesson 254

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