ACIM Workbook lesson 253

My Self is ruler of the universe.”

How can this be true? It is true because what you observe is a reflection of the content of your mind. All of it is abstract. There isn’t a concrete thing out there.

It may help to explore the analogy of a movie projector with a light inside that shines through the film as its stills pass one after the other in front of the light, thus projecting moving images on the screen. You are all of it: the projector, the light, the film, the moving images, the screen. The character of your true nature is the “default” film reel of joy, beauty, peace, abundance, charity, etc. What you focus on is what your light shines upon, and that is what determines the images that appear on the screen.

The small worldly self, the self that is identified with form and certain fixed outcomes that it deems favorable, is not the ruler of the universe. It is a responder and a regurgitator, perpetuating the projection of images on the basis of the proof these images seem to offer.

Today’s text is about your true self, your higher self, the self that has a much broader view of creation and the world. That is the self that is able to choose what film to focus its light on.

Full text of ACIM lesson 253

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