ACIM Workbook lesson 252

The Son of God is my Identity.”

“The Son” is a symbol for Creation as it extends from Source. Extending the Love that you are is what you will most naturally be doing when you are not distracted by and identified with form.

Creation is an abstract idea, an idea that is wholly loving and charitable, joyful and exuberant, abundant, free and peaceful. Those are the qualities that Source set out to extend. That is how Source, through extension, wants to know Itself as.

Forms are images, reflections, that give you feedback about what you have going on inside. When images come to you that are not pleasing, it is a sign saying: refocus on your true nature, because you are caught in a loop projected by the ego mind. These images are showing you that you have become identified with form and outcome.

When, on the other hand, pleasing images come to you, it means that your mind is extending your true nature: Light, Love and Joy.

Full text of ACIM lesson 252

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