ACIM Workbook lesson 251

I am in need of nothing but the truth.”

The images projected by the thoughts of the ego mind clamor and vie for your attention. They seem to demand all kinds of things of those who believe they are true. But they’re not. They are a mirage, a smoke-screen, that obscures the joyful, lovely truth that is there and has been there all along.

The thoughts of the ego mind find fault, spread doubt and cause confusion if not depression. Any time you recognize this dynamic inside, perk up: This is an ego loop that has nothing to do with who you are, nor with who anyone else is, no matter how they may appear in the image the ego loop is spinning. There is no need or requirement whatsoever to follow it and allow it to dominate your mind space. The truth of who you are has nothing to do with any of that.

Your refusal to engage in the loops of the ego mind allows for space inside in which Creation’s Light will shine. Your willingness to receive the truth is all that is needed to experience that Light in the form that is most beneficial in the given circumstances.

Full text of ACIM lesson 251

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