ACIM Workbook lesson 224

God is my Father, and He loves His Son.”

Today’s text ends as follows:

I am weary of the world I see. Reveal what You would have me see instead.


Are you ready to receive? Are you willing to give up your own assessments, to simply drop them all?

The word “reveal” is a slightly misleading term. Life’s reality is omnipresent. It is in your perception, that, when you have decided to rotate the dial of your reception, life’s glory suddenly dawns on you. It has been there all along, and has never gone anywhere.

“God is my Father”, meaning: Your origin has been, still is and will forever be the source of creation.

“He loves His Son”, meaning: The source of creation is forever part of its expressions, it is woven into them, it gives them life and sustains and encourages them.

Full text ACIM lesson 224

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