ACIM Workbook lesson 210


“I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.”

190) “I choose the joy of God instead of pain.”

Peace and Love well up within you. That is how you were created. That means that any disturbance, frustration, pain or despair you may feel is an indication that you are not as much in touch with your true nature as you could be. You would need to refocus.

You refocus by forgiving the disturbances you think you see out there and here within you, and by acknowledging the fact that you experience them but by not lingering there. You can set them free by offering them to your inner guidance.

Then look for a glimmer of Hope, a spark of Joy in something in your life and allow its Light to link up with the Light in you. If even for a tiny moment, let that be what your presence, here, now, is about. For it is, and it will be a new beginning. Your faith in that new beginning will help you on your way.

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