ACIM Workbook lesson 200

There is no peace except the peace of God.”.

God’s peace is here, it hasn’t gone away.

It takes focus though to zoom in on the peace of God. That is your part. You make up your mind that you would like to have peace. You find the peace within and you look for signs of peace in the outer world. And when they meet it is the same peace recognizing itself and expanding because of your awareness of its presence.

Anything else is not peace but a distraction. Fun perhaps for some, but only temporary. And soon they, too, will long for real peace, just like you do. And they will find their way, because you have.

Everything is connected in ways that is hard to see while you are still functioning within the framework of the world. That is where faith comes in; it will carry you through uncertainty and doubt towards the experience of the peace of God in and around you.

Full text of ACIM lesson 200

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