ACIM Workbook lesson 199

I am not a body. I am free.”

From a physiological perspective the body renews itself completely in a cycle of seven years. You know this rationally. You readily and gladly accept that your identity is not one of the bodies you have used over the years. For if it were you would have changed identity with each demise and reemergence. It is a silly proposition.

Yet, much of your attention is focused on the body’s well-being and on the physical conditions that surround the body. That just goes to show how much of your sense of identity is still bound to physical form. After all, a person focuses on what they feel is valuable and that is directly related to their sense of who they believe they are and what they are about.

The Course explains that the body is the ego’s tool for separation, and that in the hands of the Holy Spirit the body becomes a means of communication. When you have aligned with Love, the body will do Love’s bidding. Love knows what to do and where to go, and knows the role the body can play in Its expression.

Accepting and identifying with any role other than being a channel for Love will cause your mind to become confused. The misunderstanding will reflect in disturbing images you think you see in the world. “Whatever the problem, Love is the answer”, the saying goes. You are not a physical form; you are Love and Love moves about freely, inspiring the mind to move in harmony with It. Physical form – an image – is but an effect: It mirrors the mind’s content. It is of no concern in and of itself.

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