ACIM Workbook lesson 196

It can be but myself I crucify.”

Whether you call it the monkey mind, the ego or a misunderstanding, it is non-aligned thinking that makes you feel you are on the defensive. The only purpose the images in the world have is to show you the content of your mind. There is no other intrinsic value or role in “the world”. It does not have its own plan of existence apart from you and what you are focused on. The content of your mind depends on the sense of self you entertain. All your thoughts follow from that basic idea, whether you see the link or not. In other words, the images in the world show you who you think you are.

Without having to analyze each and every aspect of each and every image that strikes you as less than lovely and joyful, it may be helpful to know that the only purpose of such an image is to invite you to choose again. It is not an invitation to mull over the circumstance and the wrongdoing that you think you see, or the guilt you may feel about this or that aspect. No, it is inviting you to think again about who you truly are, about the Light that you carry within and that is begging to be extended through you. Never mind the details of the disturbing image. Now is the time to announce to yourself and to the world who you feel yourself to be. And so you let go of your current assessment of the image, with the help of inner guidance, and you set it free.

That is the only cure that truly works and it is the only step necessary to turn things around. With that step you enter into a new experience that is characterized by the loveliness of creative qualities in extension that your previous hold was barring you from.

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