ACIM Workbook lesson 195

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.”

Creation is continually announcing itself. It announces Love and Light, Unity, Peace and Freedom, Justice, Appreciation, Gratitude and so forth. All these qualities roll forward in continuing expansion. In a way Creation is a broadcast.

That leads to the question: What are you broadcasting? What are the qualities you are announcing and allowing to roll forward into the world through you?

Never mind what the images you currently see in the world are indicating your past announcements have been. Every new moment offers you a microphone through which to announce your true nature to the world. And when you do, you will move with the forces of the universe. Whatever the specifics of the resulting image, they will be lovely and uplifting.

When your focus instead is turned toward worry, dread and blame, you cut yourself off from that experience. The way to turn around is by refocusing with the help of the inner teacher: by taking your focus off that which is disturbing (for it will translate into disturbing images) and directing it toward something lovely, free and beautiful. That can be an inner sense or drive you find within, or it can be something in the world that you feel is genuine or lovable. Either way, your new focus will be the aspect that kick-starts your flywheel. When it has started moving, you will notice other aspects, both inner and outer, coming to join the new dynamic.

Love is the way you walk in Gratitude. This indicates that the flywheel has begun rotating. When it has, all of Creation’s qualities become available and accessible to you in your experience.

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