ACIM Workbook lesson 194

I place the future in the Hands of God.”

What better place to put it in?

The future is a figment of your imagination. As such, the concept of the future might come in handy when you are organizing agenda items, things like scheduling appointments so they are not planned at the same time, or leaving home in time for the show, those types of very practical things. And you can even work with pre-paving (as Esther Hicks calls it): dedicating an imagined future happening to a quality of your choice.

However, the future remains a figment of your imagination. Any concern, worry or dread is a figment of your imagination. You might be tempted to justify your anxiety by treating it the way you treat a future appointment. That way you would be pre-paving the imagined situation as an item in your agenda, but this time you will be paving it with worry instead of a creative quality of your choice. And sure enough, it will come to pass that way. Not because you “knew it”, but because of the quality and direction of your focus. The images in the world reflect the content of your mind, after all.

What better place to put the future than in the Hands of God. That is another way of saying that you set your worries free, by releasing your hold on them; you hand them over to inner guidance. We talked about that yesterday and the day before. In a way you forgive the imagined future for the worries you see in its images. It is all a figment of your imagination, and imagination is pliable. Use it to the advantage of your true nature: love and light in expression, here and now, enveloping all.

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