ACIM Workbook lesson 193

All things are lessons God would have me learn.”

All things are Love in extension, Light in extension, Peace and Freedom in extension, and so forth. Often you can sense that that is so: a toddler’s happy smile, the fragrance of a rose, the beauty of the sunset, the balm of a caring word. And so, in those instances the lesson has been learned: The Light in you has recognized and linked up with the Light in that which it encountered.

In instances when this does not happen the lesson is still waiting to be learned. The situation is inviting you to learn it. Its Light calls the Light in you to recognize it and link up with it. “But I can’t see any Light!” we can hear you exclaim. The Light is there, but you are blocking it from your view by the hold you have on the situation. Your hold on the situation is caused by your opinion, assessment, judgment, condemnation on the basis of …, of what? On the basis of past opinion, assessment, judgment, condemnation.

The Light in all things becomes visible as soon as you release your hold. It is up to you. When you give the situation up to inner guidance, you will see the Light in it. And the Light in you will jump forward to meet it, recognizing it, for it is the same Light.

Full text of ACIM lesson 193

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