ACIM Workbook lesson 186

Salvation of the world depends on me.”

The images you see in the world are an effect: they reflect what you keep active inside. The world as you see it does not have any other claim to existence than your belief in it. Your belief in various notions projects those notions into images you see in the world.

It is like looking about you through a pair of snow goggles only to conclude and be convinced that the world is a really dark and depressing place. Think of salvation as taking off your goggles. Then the world will no longer be dismal and dispiriting, but light and happy. It is the goggles that are distorting your reception.

No one can take your goggles off for you. It is your decision. The text indicates that salvation of the world happens through your forgiveness. Forgive the goggles, both your own and your fellow travelers’.

Full text of ACIM lesson 186

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