ACIM Workbook lesson 182

I will be still an instant and go home.”

You are home, and you do not have to wait a single instant to experience being at home.

J: So why is it phrased like that? And what about the various characters the text speaks of: you, the Child, Christ, the Father. I find it very confusing.

The statement is symbolic of you accepting the hand stretched out, inviting you to come.

You need to find the place of stillness inside, a place where the monkey mind with its screeching arguments and objections cannot reach. And when you find that place of stillness inside you will become aware of your true nature, for that is where you find it. It is the place of your inner light, your real home.

The place of stillness inside is where everybody finds their real home. Addressing that inner light both in yourself and in the people you meet will lead you there. How do you address it? By trusting it is there and offering yours to those who cross your path.

Full text of ACIM lesson 182

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