ACIM Workbook lesson 168

Your grace is given me. I claim it now.”

According to today’s lesson “His grace is yours by your acknowledgment” (W-pI.168.2:5) and sleep will be over. Doubt, despair and death will dissolve.

Grace is omnipresent; it is the quality within creation’s flow that does not look back, that ignores illusions and gathers up all things in its embrace. It is the coming together of all things in the knowledge that they have never been apart. The presence of grace is felt as release and relief to those who were not receptive to it before.

Grace is omnipresent, but in order to experience it, it needs to be acknowledged first. Just like you could not enjoy a day on the beach, even if you were right there but were turned the other way.

How do you acknowledge grace? Through your focus on all things touched by grace: a sunrise, a flower, laughter, beauty, spring showers, an inspirational contact, a lovely thought. All things carry the touch of grace and all it requires to move with them in grace is your acknowledgement of the light of grace in them.

Full text of ACIM lesson 168

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