ACIM Workbook lesson 158

Today I learn to give as I receive.”

What have you received? Life. What has been given you? Opportunity. What has been granted you? Another chance. What do you thrive on? Encouragement. What makes your heart sing? Beauty, freedom, harmony.

When you acknowledge all these things you will experience that they are with you, always, for you are them. They are inviting you to allow your presence in the here and now to extend them.

Imagine a singer sharing the beauty and joy of their artistry with their audience. Beauty and joy intensify in the experience of all involved thanks to the sharing and connecting. No one loses, all are richer thanks to the experience.

So it is with you. Your experience of beauty, freedom, harmony, joy and light increases when you allow them to express and extend through you. The vision of Christ is a shared vision.

Full text of ACIM lesson 158

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