ACIM Workbook lesson 153

In my defenselessness my safety lies.”

Danger, attack and defense are distorted images you think you see in the world due to mistaken notions you are keeping active in your mind. You can, however, deactivate those notions by asking for help from the Holy Spirit. All that is required of you is the willingness to release whatever it is that is causing the distortion to show up in your life.

This is how you could go about it: You look at the disturbing image and acknowledge the feelings that have come up. You stop engaging with it in your customary way and you withdraw the emotional charge you have given it, even if only for a moment. You ask to see differently, with the eyes of Love, and you trust that a new vision has been given. It is already there, waiting for you to be receptive to it.

Then you go about your business. Each time danger, attack or defense tempt you again to engage with them, you look at it and acknowledge the feelings that have come up, then you stop, drop, ask and trust, and you affirm your true home: the Mind of God. You are part of the flow of Creation where mind translates creative impulse into images that speak of Love and Strength, of Beauty and Abundance, of Joy and of Freedom.

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