ACIM Workbook lesson 152

The power of decision is my own.”

If this statement, as well as the first paragraphs of the text, sounds a bit daunting to you, think of it this way:

You are able to direct your attention this way or that. You have the ability to determine what you focus on. Your ability to direct your focus is due to your free will. When you focus on worldly matters, you use your free will to look at and enlarge in your experience the endless loops that illusions are about. When you direct your attention towards the creative qualities of creation – love, light, playfulness, beauty and so on – your focus is aligned with the flow of creation. Then you will understand the prayer: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The images you see in the world come to you in countless shapes and forms. Zooming in on them on the level of appearance will lead you on pathways of distinctions, variations and differences that could occupy your mind throughout eternity. When you grow weary and start to feel restricted, know that an alternative is always available and it will dissolve the constriction you may be feeling: You can change your focus.

You have the ability to direct your attention away from all the intricate details of circumstances and situations and feel the liberating effect of looking for and being the channel for love and light, beauty and freedom, as they flow into expression. The power of decision is your own.

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