ACIM Workbook lesson 149

The following statements are given for review:

My mind holds only what I think with God.

(137) “When I am healed I am not healed alone.”

(138) “Heaven is the decision I must make.”

Healing is realizing the presence of the Light within. When that happens the Light can travel through you into expression, so you will see it all around you. There will be nothing left to obscure your reception of creation.

Healing is not a new condition that is a change from what was going on before. Healing is an inner realization of inner Light that has been shining all along but that you had not allowed yourself to be aware of. Now that you are, you see the Light shining all around you.

Heaven is the most natural condition imaginable. It is Spirit as it emerges, as it bursts forth into ever changing creative expression.

Through identification with a certain set conditions you may have blocked yourself from being aware of being in heaven. That is why, in that circumstance, a decision is needed to direct your attention away from the mistaken identification and focus again on love, light, purity, beauty, freedom and all the other divine qualities on their way from initiation into extension through you.

You are creative thought through which creation streams and expands. And so it is with everybody and everything else.

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