ACIM Workbook lesson 147

The following statements are given for review:

My mind holds only what I think with God.

(133) “I will not value what is valueless.”

(134) “Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.”

The mind receives creative impulse and extends it. This happens whether or not you are aware of it. It is a given. In addition, mind receives what you offer it. Your offering is in terms of focus. Whatever you are focused on the mind will work with.

When you offer it a focus on creative qualities that emanate from Source, the mind will extend and expand that focus into expression. When you offer it a focus on anything less than creative qualities it will project those thoughts and feelings onto the face of reality in order to show you what you have going on inside.

Meditation is a temporary reprieve from focus on thoughts that are not in line with creative qualities. It allows the mind a respite from projecting and you will then be able to observe the working of the mind in its natural state: as an interface for creative impulse.

It may now be clear that a focus on anything less than creative qualities does not offer you anything of lasting, or even temporary value. Meditation is letting go of your focus on images in the world that reflect your inner occupation with thoughts and feelings that are less than lovely, peaceful, beautiful and light. Meditation and forgiveness go together. With forgiveness you set your environment free of what you believe it is. This decision creates inner space in which you will notice how love, peace, beauty and light are in a continuous movement from initiation into extension through you.

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