ACIM Workbook lesson 144

The following statements are given for review:

My mind holds only what I think with God.

(127) “There is no love but God’s.”

(128) “The world I see holds nothing that I want.”

The essence of the mind, as part of Spirit, is love, light, freedom and abundance. The mind relays divine impulse through channels like you into extension. The love of source moves through the mind and extends through you. You are love in extension, in the process of announcing itself to itself.

The world you see is the world of effect. It can be exciting to observe, true, but it holds nothing that you want, simply because it is an effect. You are the creative agent that gave rise to the spectacle. Wanting something that you see in the world would be like longing for Jane Eyre or Frodo. These are impossible desires because the characters are not real. You can, however, desire and align with the qualities that these characters exhibit, for those are real and in a constant process of becoming.

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