ACIM Workbook lesson 137

When I am healed I am not healed alone.

Sickness is a sign that your concept of the body is burdened with a mistaken notion that you are keeping active in your mind. The mind projects that notion as a veil onto the body. The result is a distorted image of the body that, among the other bodies all around, stands isolated and alone. You now seem to have your unique chart with unique medical issues, needs and cures.

This is all part of the distortion. In reality your body is transparent in the sense that it perfectly reflects the function the Holy Spirit sees for it as a communication device for its message of salvation.

When you think you are ill you do not optimally experience the channel function that the body ideally performs. But when you withdraw the veils that misconceptions about the body have cast over it, you will notice the function of the body being perfectly performed: Through you the Holy Spirit reaches everything around you. And you will increasingly notice how everything around you serves the dance of life meeting life, of joy meeting joy, of peace meeting peace.

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