ACIM Workbook lesson 136

Sickness is a defense against the truth.

Since you are truth, beauty, light and joy in extension, it follows that sickness is an illusion. Just like the world out there, the body reflects the content of your mind. When your mind is fully aligned with the quality of creation’s flow the body is transparent. It is transparent in the sense that it is a clear glass on which creation breathes its joy. The body is a channel of blessings that flow to all those you come into contact with.

Any other perception of the body signals a burdening of the body with mistaken notions that you allow your mind to entertain. You allow the body to play a role other than being a channel of divine joy. A sickness, disease or physical condition is nothing other than a distorted image of the body that is thus burdened.

There is nothing wrong with your body. Set it free. How? By dedicating it to serving Holy Spirit guidance and acknowledging who you truly are: love on its way into extension, joy on its way into extension, freedom, beauty and peace on their way into extension. All other concepts of the body will lead astray.

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