ACIM Workbook lesson 135

If I defend myself I am attacked.

Just like you did yesterday it helps to keep in mind today that the images you see in the outside world reflect the quality of the thoughts you hold within.

Some images disturb or frighten you. Why is that so? The reason that you think you see a disturbance is that you are projecting something onto the face of creation; your mind is occupied with an erroneous thought. The world out there, which is nothing other than a mirror, is showing you the quality of the thought that is active in you and that is now up for release.

If you defend against the image you will be taking the reflection at face value and doing so you will enlarge its effect in your experience. You yourself will then be causing a sense of siege to take hold of you. You will be doing it to yourself.

In a way, a disturbing image is an invitation to go within and do release work inside. Any energy spent outwardly toward the distressing image in the mirror is wasted energy; it will only cause further postponement of the eventual release and the sure emergence of clarity and peace.

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