ACIM Workbook lesson 134

Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.

Keep in mind that the images you see in the outside world reflect the quality of the thoughts you hold within. Forgiveness is the setting free of those images. What does that mean? It means that when you set a person or an image free, you recognize that the aspect that you find disturbing has nothing to do with the person or the situation, but everything with an erroneous thought that is declaring itself to you. By presenting itself as an image in the world that hooks you, it indicates its readiness to be released.

One by one erroneous thoughts will present themselves to you that way, commensurate with your ability and readiness to let them go, each in turn. Gradually your mind will become more available and better able to perform its role of translator, through your presence, of divine impulses into extension.

By setting free any and all disturbing images you think you see in the world out there, you will allow veil after veil across the face of Creation to be removed and more and more you will see the Light of truth shining through appearance. This is your own true Light linking up with the Light of truth in each aspect of Creation you come upon, together increasing the intensity of the Light.

Full text of Workbook lesson 134 in ACIM

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