ACIM Workbook lesson 130

It is impossible to see two worlds.

You cannot see two worlds at the same time, just as you cannot be happy and depressed at the same time. It is one or the other. Would you rather be depressed or happy? This is as silly a question as is the question “Would you rather look on disturbing images or on lovely images?”

Feeling depressed or happy and observing disturbing or pleasing images are not things that happen to you out of the blue. They are the result of your decision about what you feed your mind. The mind translates what it is given into tangible experiences.

Allow the ego mind to chew on random thoughts and the result will be an ego mind movie of a world that takes you every which where and nowhere.

Take charge of your thoughts and align with creation’s intentions and then even the images that were disturbing before will transform in your experience and in the experience of those you touch, which is everybody.

Full text of ACIM lesson 130

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